Stevie Wonder performed on the iconic stage of the Great Lawn in Central Park, New York for the Global Citizen Festival (Sept 28). Acts like Alicia Keys, Kings of Leon, John Mayer and Janelle Monae also touched the stage to share music and to support the end of extreme poverty. In addition to the 60K fans who came out for the show, the concert was streamed for over 15M fans online around the world.

“Now, we have an actual commitment,” Stevie Wonder explained in the press room backstage, “by a man [Hugh Evans] who made the decision to start [something] and not just talk about it but be about it. I just believed it was something that was real and could really happen.”

Stevie Wonder also expressed his views on music and how he wishes it weren’t “categorized” so much.

“A week ago,” Stevie began, “I was given the honor of being at John Legend’s wedding. I was reading some of the stuff on my iTunes account and I saw the category of his album as being soul-R&B. I said why are people categorizing music as soul-R&B or pop?

Stevie passionately continued to explain his perspective on John Legend’s music being bigger than the genre of R&B. “I think great music, is great music. He’s [John Legend] got an incredible great album that should not be categorized as anything except as being great.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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