Somaya Reece stepped away from reality TV but she’s still very open with her day to day activities online. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or her personal website,; Somaya’s happy to update her followers with details of her life.

Somaya didn’t have too much of a happy and committed relationship on Love & Hip Hop but all of that has changed now. She’s posted countless pictures with her boyfriend by the name of Frank Kush. Sources say that Somaya’s deeply in love with Kush because of the expensive lifestyle that he provides her from that “kush.”

Frank Kush wants to get a “big break” in the recording industry as well and constantly promotes new music and freestyle onto his Soundcloud page. It’s rumored that it’s all a cover up for his “kush-pushing” lifestyle a major “middle man” in the business.

He's usually promoting the hashtag, “Sophisticated Smoke” and “Kush Club” and he often rocks clothing with both “slogans” as well.

At any rate, it’s good that Somaya found her a man to hold her down.

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