12AM Run is the name of Nas' new sneaker joint out in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For everyone who appreciates everything that relates to kicks, you'll appreciate this interview from Nice Kicks. 

Here's a little on why he decided to tap into this new venture:

"I just do what I feel like doing. Some things work, some things don't. I got to a point where I can trust in what i'm doing more. the things i'm doing now are more official now.


"When the name [of the store] came up -for me, it's like when I land in Vegas, its on the late side. My idea was for it to be a 24-hours store. So we can land in there, buy your sneakers and then hit up the club. But, we're not 24-hours. So, 12AM Run, it just sounds like we're ready." 

Queens, NY stand up!

SALUTE: Nice Kicks