Shyne often broadcasts any miniscule moment in his life via Twitter which is understandable since he’s been exiled from America. (He lives in Paris remember? Remember?)

Well, a few days ago Shyne shared an Instagram photo standing next to a menorah. He’s happy about with his newfound religion and he's still going strong as a Jew.

- The image was accompanied with this message:

Happy Hanukah!!! Last night of the Festival of Miracles! Just as Mattisyahu haKohen & his son Judah Macabi & an outnumbered army of 7,000 faithful Israelites defeated the Greeks in miraculous guerrilla warfare By the grace of G*d so too we can defeat all our enemies, whether the demons within or enemies trying to destroy us physical & spiritually! May the miracle of Chanukah be with always! In memory of the thousands of Jews who were burned on the Sabbath during Greek rule! Better a day in the world to come than a life time on this morally bankrupt earth! Rosh Chodesh tov@jeffreyschottenstein

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