1. Ja Rule admits that he didn't make it easy on his wife to stick around through the good and bad times. Ja said it was because he was being selfish. 

2. There were a few things Ja held back from discussing because he has a book on the way. It will be a memoir type of book chronicling his career.

3. When he was in jail he wrote to Ashanti and she wrote to him back. The “post-J"a from jail isn’t bitter about the past and how Ashanti left the crew when ish hit the fan. Ja said that he’s got a clean slate now because doesn't want to be “bitter or resentful.”

4. Irv Gotti is upset that Ashanti bailed on him when he had issues with the Feds. He explains that as a cancer he “loves and hates hard.” So, he wished Ashanti stayed around for the bad times as well.

5. Ja Rule was a little hurt when fans turned on him and sided with 50 Cent because “he's a fan guy.”  

6. Life is bigger than the 50 Cent beef especially when he has a film hitting theaters this fall with Adrienne Bailon.

7. Irv Gotti tried to sign Nicki Minaj and Drake before they moved on with Young Money Cash Money. Nicki declined the offer to sign with Gotti and asked him to manage him instead and Gotti regrets not taking that opportunity.

8. The veteran label executive, Lyor Cohen is Irv Gotti's mentor.

9. Gotti’s confident that he will have major comeback because all “his billionaire friends” stressed that his mistakes make him smarter in the future.

10. Irv Gotti’s nervous that the record label, Def Jam will eventually faze out because there isn’t anyone there invested in the culture/label.

11. Ja Rule says that Kendrick Lamar voiced that “unwritten rule in hip hop” and that’s to body whoever you’re on a song with. There wasn’t anything confrontational or offensive in what Kendrick kicked in “Control” according to Ja Rule. 

12. Irv regrets insulting Jennifer Lopez in her cover feature for Elle magazine. Irv dissed J. Lo’s singing abilities at that time and he knew that she didn’t’ deserved that because she did nothing but support Murda Inc. He apologized to Jennifer Lopez in the interview because he betrayed her trust.  

13. When "New York" was created Jadakiss was hesitant to lay his verse down because he was on Interscope, the same label that housed 50 Cent. Luckily, Jada put his concerns behind him and got on the explosive New York single. 

14. Irv also regrets trying to sign Nas because it tarnished his relationship with Jay Z. The situation was good for Nas and Jungle because he knew things would die down after releasing “Ether” but it was a bad look for Irv. It took Irv years to rebuild his relationship with Jay Z and he’d never do that again.

15. Irv Gotti was gonna be a rapper like Diddy, but it didn't pan out. The plan was for Ja Rule to have a label and sign Gotti as his first artist. 

Part II of the interview is here. 

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