Nardwuar caught up with Ludacris in Austin, TX during the SXSW music festival. Well, Nardwuar pulled out an old school vinyl of a rap duo with Shawnna was in before she linked up with Disturbing Tha Peace. The name of the group was Infamous Syndicate and Kanye West produced “Clocks Strikes 12” on the album and he also produced for Ludacris.

It goes way back [Kanye West producing for others.]”

I did [have early encounters with Kanye West], he produced record that me and Trina did called “Be R Right” and he was in that video wearing a backpack. This was way before the rest of the world knew what he was going to be and what great of an artist he was going to become. He’s always been cool with me.

Here is the full interview:

Photo Credit: Getty Images