Idris Elba had an interview with USA Today and he said that he's annoyed with questions about his girlfriend.

"Recently my private life is creeping into my work life and that annoys the *** out of me," he says. "This is my work. My life is different."

Idris also revealed that when he played the role of Mandela in the biopic, he channeled his late father.

"My father passed recently. I based my character in Mandela on my dad. He was the only 70-year-old man I knew. Watching the way my dad got out of chairs was my basis for Mandela. Watching that film with him when he was alive was really surreal. He was so impressed. He (understood) what I was doing for the first time," sighs Elba.

Do you think Idris should lighten up when asked about his girlfriend?


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