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Gucci Suffers Social Media Breakdown, Tweets Gibberish

Gucci Suffers Social Media Breakdown, Tweets Gibberish
Posted September 9th, 2013 @ 5:55pm by Vanessa Denis

Not sure what kicked off Gucci Mane's recent Twitter rant (Sept 9), but it's fill with gibberish and it is terribly difficult to comprehend. Overall, he calls out rappers, record label execs, journalists and the groupie women he's tricked.

The tweets were so outrageous that they inspired the #TweetsLikeGucci hashtag. 

Here are a few of the nonsensical tweets from Gucci Mane... 




- This one was the easiest to decipher:


The rest of his tweets were too explicit for us to post, but he also goes on to name celebrity women he's had sex with during the height of his career.

Gucci needs someone to fly down to ATL and give him a hug -turn off his phone while you're there!

-Stalking the 'net for real tea, follow me @NessaLovesMusic.

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