TGT performed their single, "I Need You" on The Couch recently and Ginuwine's fast-paced blinking and facial expressions had fans and blog outlets questioning his sanity. 

I'm a fan of Ginuwine myself, and he looked all kinds of lost in this clip. As a fan, I'm not swayed, he's still and amazing singer, but I'll let you form your own opinion after watching the clip.

Well, the three had a chance to redeem theirselves in NYC when they gave an intimate performance at Stage 48.

After the performance, Street Heat TV caught up with the three to have them address TV appearance. Ginuwine was hesitant at first, but soon let his guard down as his groupmates encouraged him to talk about it.

The special potion that had Ginuwine blinking his eyes like a mad person was a 5-hour energy drink he took to keep himself up. He had no idea it'd affect him in that way. 

Check out the hilarious moment below:

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