1. One of the first things Dr. Phil tackled with X was him getting caught on camera on naked in the hallway of a hotel room.

"The dare was order room service and run through the hallway naked."

2. Dr. Phil wanted to know if he had any regrets and X has none.

"I wouldn't redo anything because it got me here right now." 

3. DMX will have 12 kids soon because another one is the way...

"I'm not having any children, I'm giving them [women I sleep with] the children." 

4. Does he really owe $1M in back child-support?

"At a time a I was making $13M a year. So, if I'm making $13M a year then I can pay that and I haven't made that in 10 years. Of course, I'm behind in payments but the children are taken care of."

5. X's comment on drugs...

"I'm always going to have a drug problem. I don't always have to get high. I smoke weed. I drink, yes. That's it. One day that will be gone."

6. Ain't worried about nothing...

"God has a plan for me, I ain't worried about anything. Wherever I'm at, God has placed me at. If I need help getting out of there, he'll help me up out of there. So, I'm never worried about where I'm at."

7. Shocked at number of times he's been arrested...

"[I've been arrested] 25 times? That's it? I thought it was like 40 times at least. I gotta step my 'lock-up' game up."

8. Looking at a photo of himself when he was a kid...

"I see a child. A child of wonder. Curious. Destined for trouble and greatness. I was called mischievous. ... I was just smarter than a lot of the kids in my class and I would finish my sooner. I didn't feel like I had to sit there and wait while the rest of the class caught up."

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