Dave Chapelle had a live performance and spoke about his love for Weezy during his stand up in Chicago. Dave's explanation for his love for Wayne was hilarious! 

"One of my favorite rappers, I'm not even bullsh*****g, and I promise y'all I mean this, is Lil Wayne. I've never met him, but he's one of my favorite rappers. I guarantee you he could win a Pulitzer Prize. This motherf***r's is one of the most descriptive artists in modern popular culture. He says the coolest s**t, just throws it a way. "I got three kids and they all three." Like, godd*mn, this guy's a genius. He also says, "Real G's move in silence like lasagna." S**t like that. And you can picture everything he says. There's one song where he says, "I got a b*tch that played in movies in my jacuzzi." And then he says, "P***y juicy." I close my eyes when I listen to that and picture it in my head. I see Lil Wayne sitting in the hot tub. And that's when he and I are different. If I could tell the p***y was juicy in the hot tub, I'd probably get out of the tub. But I'm sure Wayne is sitting there like, "What is this strange oil floating on top of my hot tub water? I think this is p***y juice."

Photo Credit: Getty Images