EBONY spoke with The Breakfast Club about their venture with Revolt TV and more.

The in-depth interview is just what you need if you’re excited to hear more about these three. For example, Charlamagne Tha God explains to EBONY that he hopes the partnership with Revolt TV inspires others.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

EBONY: Now there’s your show, Vlad TV, Myspace’s CRWN. Why do you think people are into watching conversations at this moment in time?

Charlamagne: People love content. You gotta think everything is one big conversation nowadays. Look at the social media world. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, those are just one big conversation. Even with Instagram, it’s just pictures, but a picture says a thousand words and it causes a conversation. Everybody likes to talk nowadays, everybody like to have their opinion heard, and they like to hear the opinions of others so they can comment on those opinions.

Angela Yee: Also, I think people like to see what your personality really is. You see who a lot of performers are publicly, but it’s nice to see a glimpse into their personal life too.

EBONY: What do you all hope to do with the show? What do you hope it achieves, beyond ratings?

Charlamagne: Just to keep moving the cultural forward, man. Stuff like this gives other radio personalities something to aspire to. When I was coming up in radio, that’s what it would do for me when I would see a Wendy Williams on television or Howard Stern on television, or when Ed Lover and Dr. Dre did Who’s the Man? It just made me like, wow, radio personalities can do that kind of stuff? To me, it just gives the next generation inspiration and something more to shoot for. There are no limits when it comes to radio. You can take this wherever you want to take it.

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Written by @IamVanessaDenis