VIBE magazine interviewed Charlamagne Tha God about the leaked footage of Justin Bieber using the n-word. Though Justin Bieber has come forward to apologize for the racist comment via a public statement, Charlamagne Tha God does not accept that Justin even felt comfortable to use the word in such a tasteless joke.

In an effort to avoid hypocrisy, Charlamagne Tha God told VIBE magazine that he's working hard to eliminate the n-word from his vocabulary. If he's upset that Justin used the term than he can't use it himself, a strong motto to live by.

Check out a few highlights from the article from VIBE magazine.

“I have tried to stop using the n-word because I don't like being a hypocrite. If it's wrong when we use it, it should be wrong when other races use it as well. It's hard to get upset at someone for doing the same thing that you're doing. Plus, I'm 33 and I come from the era of greeting people with “Peace God, Peace Queen. What's up my brother? How are you sister? ... I don't care if it's -er or -ga at the end—it’s a word with too much blood attached to it to ever be positive.

On Justin Bieber's joke:


"Now if Justin Bieber was addressing someone saying that's 'my nigga' it wouldn't bother me as much. But a joke with a punchline that says 'Run Nigga Run?' We ran from slave-owners! We’re still running from cops! There’s nothing funny about that."