In an magazine feature with Rolling Stone, writer, Simon Vozick-Levinson sits down with Charlamagne. The headline makes a bold remark by naming him the hip-hop version of Howard Stern.

Here’s an excerpt from the feature:

In November, Charlamagne tha God sat across from Kanye West at New York's Power 105.1 FM and told West exactly what he thought of the rap superstar's recent work. "I didn't like the album at all," the gravel-voiced morning show co-host, 33, declared on the air. "Yeezus was wack to me."

It took some serious chutzpah, but that's never really been a problem for Charlamagne. "I think everybody deserves some honest criticism," he says with a big grin a couple of months later. "I was looking at this guy, like, 'Yo, where did our Kanye West go? Who is this new Kanye Kardashian guy, and what the eff is his problem?' I couldn't wait to tell him that."

Charlamagne is sitting in the greenroom at MTV2, where he just taped an episode of his new late-night TV talk show, Charlamagne and Friends. It's the logical next step for the outspoken commentator, a self-styled hip-hop Howard Stern who prides himself on speaking his mind, no matter the fallout (like the time he said of Justin Bieber, "Don't be a waste of good white skin"). His other media heroes include Joan Rivers, Wendy Williams and Bill O'Reilly – "honest, opinionated people, even if I don't agree with them," he says. "I used to watch interviews and be like, 'Why is he not asking the most obvious question?' That actress is sitting there with a face full of plastic surgery. Why not ask her, 'Why did you do that to your face?'"

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