Charlamagne Tha God held a AMA (Ask Me Anything) chat on Reddit answering questions about his career, rappers, race and more.

Here are five of the questions covered during the AMA session.


[–]slickrickschain Wasup Charlamagne, How do you feel the gentrification of both New York and New York hiphop have affected New York's musical influence as a whole, maybe positively and negatively. Thanks for bringing back some excitement to the internet and radio when people try to say the safe thing so much.

[–]charlamagnethagod[S] 14 points  ago

I don't think it was gentrification I just think these kids didn't grow up on that East Coast boom bap like us 80's babies did. They grew up when the south was popping dominating radio and the clubs so that's what sound influenced them.


[–]mani920 14 points  ago

Hey God, although I don't always agree with you, I respect that you always share your opinion. 2 questions: How long do you see yourself doing radio? Do you really believe in the plan the white man has for you? Seems a bit like you down black people at times.

[–]charlamagnethagod[S]70 points ago

I never downplay blackpeople. I am black. I downplay N****s. It's a HUGE difference between black people and N***s and N****s aren't just black. Yes the white man has a plan for me. What do you think radio syndication is and all these TV shows? This is God and the Whiteman's plan!!


Icemanrussian 13 points  ago

Yo Charlamange thanks for doing the AMA!

I just entered college, and I'm thinking of doing some work for college radio and I've been given the possibility of hosting my own show for 2 hours on air. I haven't completely came up with what kind of show I want to do(more or less probably hip hop oriented)

but is there any advice you could give out to those wanting to work on the radio?

[–]charlamagnethagod[S]33 points ago

Be Yourself! It's called Radio "Personality" for a reason. You have a unique personality that is all your own and nobody can be like you so express yourself!


mjst032418 points ago

Yo Charlamagne, if you could do a Breakfast Club interview with any rapper dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Keep doin what you're doin, whenever I'm down I watch Breakfast Club interviews and you crack me up.

[–]charlamagnethagod[S]95 points ago

That's easy Pac. Wasn't a huge fan of his music but I'm a huge fan of his personality. He's such a multi dimensional complex figure I know it would be interesting.


TeRey0951 points ago

Where do you see The Breakfast Club in 5 years? One thing you love and one thing you hate about Yee and Envy?

[–]charlamagnethagod[S]122 points ago

Well we are already Nationally syndicated so in 5 years we will be on alot more markets and I know we will be the morning show that really matters. We just want to be amongst the great morning shows that have ever done it. I hate Yee and Envy. Don't love anything about them.

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