We’re excited to share a new discovery, MTV2’s Guy Code podcast that features Charlamagne Tha God. 

Charlamagne openly discusses his realization of being a successful TV personality, his love for hosting live events and more.

Read a few standout moments from the discussion:

On building a successful TV career:

“Guy Code is the reason I have a television career. It just dawned on me that I have a television career. I don’t know why it just hit me. I’m a radio guy. Radio is my career, but I also have a television career too, which is crazy though. I never thought about it until I had a meeting with a big executive at a network and he was talking to me like I got a good resume. It hits you. I’m just a worker. I never look at it. I just work, work, work. When you see it all, first it was Guy Code then it was Girl Code and Guy Court and then Charlamagne & Friends. Different appearances on shows here and there, but it was Guy Code that gave me that initial outlet.

His preference for “live” vs “taping”:

I like doing stuff live more than taping stuff. I don’t know why. It’s just a different kind of rush. You know how you look at people like Ryan Secrest or Carson Daly and you look at them and you’re like, ‘gosh, they’re so vanilla.’ It’s nothing to them. Go out there and try to do live television and you will realize why they are so great at what they do. They make it look easy which is super hard for live television. Doing live television is a skill unto itself.

His experience hosting The Woodies for MTV:

"I just did the Woodies for MTV and I didn’t know it was live-to-tape. Like, they had me doing backstage interviews. But I didn’t know backstage meant, ‘your voice is going [to] be heard all over the auditorium and your face is going to be up on this big projector.’ I had no idea. I was in the moment, I just had to go and it was good."

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Written by @IamVanessaDenis

Photo Credit: Getty Images