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I have been a relationship for 6 years and biologically my son is not his but my son thinks this is his father. Last year we were having problems and I was telling him every couple weeks to get out because he wasn't acting like I thought he should hoping he would change. A couple months ago I found out this girl got pregnant during that time and its his. He doesn't want to be with her he has given me an engagement ring and I'm trying to forgive and get through it but she is causing a lot of problems. Should I stick around?


That's a tough one to deal with. You said it's his baby so I assume he got a paternity test, and this did happen during a time that the 2 of you were taking a break. I'm sure the other woman wants to break you guys up, and it's hard to let him go because in your mind he might leave you to be with her (we hate that!)  Are you sure that he doesn't still have a relationship with her? Keep in mind this is someone who will be in your lives until his child is an adult.  I would not get married right away, and feel it out. See if once she realizes it's over between them she can start acting like an adult.  Don't let her drag you in to petty arguments. And of course make sure you don't take it out on the child.  Hopefully she can find a man of her own and move on, but I promise you it won't be easy! If you're in love, then you'll have to find a way. If not, it's not worth the headache. If you stay with him, stay for the right reasons.

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