Ashley Reid, the daughter of Pebbles and LA Reid, is the host of her own a digital radio show, "Reid All About It."  During the latest stream of the show, Ashley went in on Chilli from an angry place after because of the TLC biopic. The comments were posted on Ustream but the video seems to be removed because I had a hard time locating a working link of her rant.

Here's an excerpt of what Ashley said on her show, "Reid All About It."

"I’m not gonna talk about Chilli sucking my father’s d-ck or most of the d-cks in the industry in the 90′s…That has nothing to do with the fact that she is a lying person, I won’t even call her a whore anymore. She’s claimed that we got it."
Ashley's also ready to see Chilli woman to woman...
"When I said on Twitter, Chilli I can’t wait to see you what I meant by that was I can’t wait to see you to beat your f-cking face into the concrete."


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