Alicia Keys brought all of her grace and charm to Central Park for the Global Citizen Festival (Sept 28). Rocking all black everything, Alicia Keys spoke to select members of the press (we were in the building, of course) about the festival & meant for her.

“Today, being part of the Global Citizen Festival is about expressing,” Alicia Keys carefully explained, “how we can all come together and really stand up for something. In this case, we’re standing up for extreme poverty. We’re standing up for human rights; we’re standing up for the injustices that happen in the world.”

Ms. Keys also touched on her upcoming tour, “So, I am touring Australia in December and I’m excited to come back there. I’ve met some really incredible people when I’ve gone. I’m very happy to be traveling the world.”

Alicia continued, “The opportunity to travel the world has shown me so much. It’s shown me no matter where we live and no matter where we’re from that we are a compassionate global family.”

Photo credit: Getty Images

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