Earlier this year, Vanessa Denis interviewed Jade Alston, a budding singer from Philly, about her free mixtape, Sunday Morning: Single On A Saturday Night Part II. The interview took place in the Spring of 2013 and Jade had high hopes for the rest of the year. Months later, Jade was diagnosed with a heart condition and her perspective on life changed.

With a newfound drive, Jade turned to her fans for support via Kickstarter in order to fund the release her debut album independently. Jade's reached more than half of her goal of $3,000 and she's excited to hit the finishline. You can read more about her Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

You can see her Instagram posts about the campaign below:


Revisit our web-interview with Jade Alston now:

Congrats to Jade for taking control of her destiny!