No Malice turned over a new leaf and started to go down a positive route in life, namely, the name change. Fans still hoped that he’d collab with Pusha T for a new Clipse album sometime in the future with a  good vs. evil concept. That could have worked, right?

Rapzilla spoke to No Malice about a number of things during SXSW, but he nearly screamed when he explained that a new Clipse album would NOT happen.

No Malice wants to make it clear and doesn’t want to get questions about it ever again.

“I’ve been very clear! I’ve been very consistent from the beginning. I don’t know why I have to keep answering this question. I don’t do that music anymore. I don’t know if people want me to keep repeating my past life. What I would like to think, is my audience that grew up with me are still growing up!

"I can’t cater to every generation that comes up under. It’s like repeating the third grade over and over and over again! No, I’m somewhere else now. I am not doing another Clipse album.”

Here is the full interview where No Malice talks about his music and more.


Written by @IamVanessaDenis.