I had the honor to having a conversation with Cherry Martinez about food. Cherry told me about four of her FAVORITE foods and you can explore the list below.

Keep reading to see if you like some of the foods Cherry enjoys as well.

1. Fettuccini

"This is my favorite style of pasta especially when it's cooked with shrimp & alfredo sauce. The alfredo sauce must be cooked the right or else it won't be right. I like the sauce to be creamy but only when it lightly coats the pasta. I just don't like when the fettuccini is swimming around in the alfredo sauce. I can't deal with all that cream anyway."

2. Cuban Food

"Out of all the spanish foods out there, Cuban's the best because of the seasoning. It's all about the seasoning. It's hard to say what Cuban dish is my fave because I'm in love with them all. They're top notch."

3. Jamaican

"I love Jamaican food too! Curry Chicken and ox-tail is something that I cannot get enough of from Jamaican cuisine. I can't cook that but  I do know how to make rice and peas Jamaican style with coconut milk. The coconut milk gives it a richer taste. Yum."

4. Japanese

"I'm going to cheat with this one and name a restaurant. I can't get enough of Benihana. They're the original hibachi. I enjoy going there because you can order a combo of anything on the menu. You can mix any seafood with any kind of meat & that's all right with me."

You can tell that this conversation took place right before lunch. Ha!

What's your favorite food from Cherry's list?