VIDEO: Mack Wilds Calls Mixtapes A "Cop-Out"

We were invited to interview Mack Wilds in the studio he works out of with Salaam Remi over at Sony, hence the blue tint! Mack talked all about his music, his image, and his take on releasing a mixtape vs an album. 

The released of Mack's debut album, New York: A Love Story earlier this year proved his commitment to music. But with everyone putting out a mixtape before they release a studio album, we discovered why Mack decided to move against this trend.

"For the people who have to do that [release a mixtape], do it. But if you can afford to -or if you can put out an album don't second guess yourself and say, 'Oh, I'ma put out a mixtape', Mack Wilds explained.

"You doing that is saying, 'if it loses, it was a mixtape' or if it wins [it's] 'I got big off of a mixtape'. You're coping out."

BONUS: Mack Wilds performed at the official pre-party for Powerhouse 2013 at the Barclays Center!

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