This R&B crooner is excited to spread the word of his self-titled album, Luke James. He’s right off of the Mrs. Carter tour, where he served as Beyonce’s opening act but now it's all about him.

During his NYC performance at S.O.B’s, he nearly caught the Holy Ghost after uttering the release date of debut album, September 23, 2014.

Onstage he opened up and left the women in the venue gasping for more!

Before hitting the stage, I was able to chat with Luke James for a Power 105.1 exclusive. One of the things you’ll love about Luke is his ability to stay out of R&B beefs.

With so many R&B singers and rappers getting into beefs, I asked Luke James how he’s managed to dodge that bullet.

Luke’s response was simple, “I have no hate in my heart.”

Catch more of his response here: