Can I just say how excited I was to see Snoop? I can? Well thanks, I was excited to see Snoop. He was so open and chill before and after the interview that it surprised me.

Snoop's been in the game for long you'd think he'd walk around with an air, but that's far from the truth.

To kick off the chit chat, I asked him about his name change and if it bothers him when he's called Snoop Dogg instead of Snoop Lion. It turns out that he's perfectly fine being called either one. 

After that, he picked up a few questions that's he's never been asked from my 'magical' box. For one, he answered a question about cleaning his toes. Yup, cleaning his toes.

Watch it here:

Let me know who had the better hairstyle, Snoop or me: @NessaLovesMusic.