Schoolboy Q's mildy impressed with Jay Z's photographed reunion with Dame Dash, a photograph that hit the 'net in earlier this month. For Q, he's got other things to worry about because it's time for his team -TDE- to run things.

"I can careless man. ... It's cool, i got my own things to worry about."

"Jay is like the best rapper of all time. Dame was one of the illest CEOs ever, so it's my turn. Me and my team turn. That's cool that they getting together but it's me and my team. Sorry.

"I love Jay's music," Schoolboy continued "but I don't care for none of that."

Can't say that I disagree with his perspective at all. 

BONUS: Schoolboy dances to his newest single, "Collard Greens" at the end. Good times.

Check it out here: