With 2014 marking the 20th anniversary of Nas’ debut album, Illmatic we had Rico Love tell us his favorite song from the critically acclaimed project.


“[My favorite song from Illmatic] is ‘One Love.’ Powerful message. I think that was one of the biggest sayings, at that time [one love]. I feel like Nas is a genius. He came up with so much. He was like like the 2 Pac’s who lived a part of the culture. Who you would see wearing a leather jacket and gold chains and holding a bottle of Hennesy, but still was able to be aware. I don’t want to say conscious. I want to say aware of his surroundings and to speak about it. Nas is like –words can’t even explain his value to us and to the culture with what that album meant.”


Check out the full interview below:

Photo Credit: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio.

Written by @IamVanessaDenis.