Interviewing Raekwon was amazing since I, Vanessa Denis, listened to a Wu-Tang album, Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, the other day.

Whenever I listen to Raekwon I am reminded why he's loved by so many. In other words, I get hype!

In this exclusive interview you can watch below, I asked Raekwon about the upcoming artists and how they are different from himself. Internet rappers create good songs, someone as legendary as Raekwon, makes a full album.

Even in the age of internet, Raekwon still aims creates music that tells a complete story. He isn't interested in music that have catchy hooks.

The vibe switched up when Rae showed me a few dance moves he used to kick back in the day. Ha!


It's a dope joint to watch and pressing play won't do you any harm. None.