Ras Baraka is running for Mayor of Newark, NJ and he’s significantly ahead of the competitor, Shavar Jeffries and he’s counting on the win.

If he wins, Ras Baraka will get straight to work on multiple audits, property improvements and more.

What will he do if he loses? Well, that’s not even a thought for Ras.

What a winner!

“Well, that's not gon' happen [me losing the race]. I'm a Newark resident and my life is dedicated to the city. So, I'ma be here forever."

FUN FACT: Growing up, Ras loved Wolverine from X-Men.

When I was a kid, I used to like Wolverine because I liked the X-Men the most. I liked him because he was independent, even though he was a part of that and he was strong. He was willful. He would basically did what he thought was right on his own. I liked him for that and I liked him because he looked like he could win all the time too. 

Stay tuned for the results!

Photo Credit: Power 105.1