The other day (6/6), August Alsina posted an image of himself with Kid Ink and the hashtag he used gives me reason to believe they’re shooting a new video. The hashtag was, #WeJustCameToParty and it’s a song from Kid Ink’s sophomore album, In My Own Lane which features August Alsina!

Time to put these pieces together!

When I interviewed, Kid Ink, I asked if he planned on releasing "We Just Came to Party" from his sophomore album, In My Own Lane, and he said it's a possibility.

Vanessa Denis: I was listening to your song, "We Just Came To Party" with August Alsina. Is that gonna be a single? It sounds really fun.

Kid Ink: It's a really fun song. I think that's definitely a lot of areas that I've traveled to on tour that really loves that song more than others. Those really R&B driven areas and places where August is doing real well. I hope to give someone like him -a brand new artist- that's doing amazing things, poppin' on the song early. His album [Testimony] just came out, maybe if things really go HAM then we'll be forced to [release it].

By the looks of this IG post, it's next up for Kid Ink!

"We Just Came To Party" ft August Alsina:

Catch up on the last interview:

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Written by @IamVanessaDenis