Kid Ink and Chris Brown’s hit-single is all about finding someone to be their “Main Chick.”  


For many, getting the girlfriend title means the world but knowing how decipher who you are to him is tricky. When Kid Ink came by our studios he was our "resident expert" and shared these crucial tips.


“Definitely, you can tell you’re the main chick if you get the ‘I Love You Back.’ I know that’s a problem for some people."


“If they have any tattoos that represents your name or anything, you’re definitely ‘main chick’ status. I force tattoos like you gotta get my name today [laughs]. Just kidding."


“[Lastly,] if you haven’t talked to your main dude in like a week you might not be main chick. A week is a long time to not hear from somebody."


Kid Ink made it painfully clear that if anyone hits you with the “I’ve been busy” reply, he’s not the one for you.


“[Too busy with work?] to talk through text and say ‘hey.’ Nah, I don’t think that's enough.”


Written by @IamVanessaDenis.