Food is the latest music offering from Kelis and it delivers the sound she's carefully crafted since the release of her debut album over 20-years ago. Her lead single is "Jerk Ribs" but she's since followed up with a music video for "Rumble" which is little more personal than the latter.

"Rumble" addresses the awkwardness that comes along with getting back with someone special after a bad fight or short breakup. 

After a few listens to "Rumble" you begin to wonder who she's singing about. Luckily for us, Kelis' explained the song and it confirmed that she's dating and falling in love with someone new. Nas is so far behind her.

"It's ["Rumble"] about that tug of war. It's kind of like you know when something's over but there's the familiarity and comfortableness of it. But it's like at the end of the day I'm really glad I got the keys back to 'my house.'"

We don't know his name, but the "tug of war" she's experiencing is because of someone new.

Here's the full interview:

Full video of "Rumble"...

Photo Credit: Power 105.1

Written by @IamVanessaDenis.