It looks as though Metro-North engineer William Rockefeller won't be charged with a crime in the fatal train crash that killed four people, according to DNAinfo New York. Rockefeller reportedly fell asleep causing the speeding train to derail at a sharp curve just outside Spuyten Duyvil.

DNAinfo New York reports that investigators have ruled out pretty much every reason that could have caused sleep deprivation. Rockefeller reportedly went to sleep at 8:30pm the night before and was alert when he boarded the train.

Investigators believe that a toxicology test for drugs will not find anything and they also determined that Rockefeller was not on his cell phone and also was not under the influence of alcohol.

Rockefeller has reportedly cooperated fully with the investigation and according to his lawyer he is "devastated" by the accident.

It seems, unless something new is revealed, Rockefeller won't be charged.

“Falling asleep, by itself, is fundamentally not a crime, not even for a motorman driving a train,” a law enforcement source told DNAinfo. “There was nothing mitigating here. He was not drunk, on the phone, or out partying the night before, and he went to sleep at a reasonable hour.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images