A surprisingly tame Anthony Weiner showed up to Tuesday night's final Democratic mayoral debate; however, a much louder version of the former congressman was on display in the video below. According to Twitter user @alexnazaryan, who shared the video, Weiner was at a campaign stop in Brooklyn's Borough Park when he got into a shouting match with a Jewish voter.

Weiner was exiting a bakery when the man said something that apparently got under the mayoral candidate’s skin. Weiner then went back into the bakery and got face to face with the man as they argued back and forth over whom should be judging Weiner’s past actions. Watch video of the confrontation below.

*UPDATE: The Weiner campaign released a longer version of the video showing why Weiner was so upset with the man. At around the 3:40 mark of the video below you can hear the man say to Weiner, "You're married to an Arab." Watch below.


Photo Credit: YouTube