(Lauren Evans) In a joint press conference in Albany today, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo assured the public in the manner of two sparring parents that they don't hate each other, they just have occasional differences of opinion. (Cuomo wants to foot the bill for the expansion rather than risk raising the ire of the wealthy. De Blasio wants to deliver on a campaign promise that's based in more equitable wealth distribution.) But what matters is that Pre-K be made universal, Cuomo said, regardless of how it's paid for.

"I've made my proposal, the legislature will make theirs, the mayor will make his. That's the process we're going through now," he said.

"Look back at the relationships in history, where you think those were good relationships—It's not that there were no differences of opinion. You will have differences of opinion...it's about how you deal with them. It's how you resolve them. Is it productive, is it unproductive, is it constructive, is it destructive? That's the test of relationships that work, that's the test of leadership, and that's what I'm excited about with this new mayor."

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