(Lauren Evans)

Not only will Fort Tilden once again be open for business by summer, Coney Island is getting itself a new (old) roller coaster: The Thunderbolt, immortalized in Annie Hall and at least partially to blame for Alvy Singer Woody Allen's "nervous" personality, will be making a triumphant return this May, with ground on the second iteration of the ride being broken today.

The original Thunderbolt was built in 1925 and demolished in 2000, and while the new version will lack the rickety charm of its predecessor, it's got its own thing going: The coaster will hit speeds of 55 mph, sending riders shooting down a "90-foot vertical drop, followed by a 100-foot vertical loop, an 80 foot zero-g roll, a 112 degree over-banked turn, a unique heartline dive, a corkscrew, and several airtime hills," according to the NYCEDC. Watch the below trailer for a raucous glimpse of the action. The faint of stomach might want to mute it:



Photo Credit: Getty Images