The squeegee men are back!

The New York Post reports they’ve been seen near the Holland, Lincoln and Queens-Midtown tunnels, along with the Queensboro Bridge.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani got rid of them in the 1990's, calling it a quality of life issue.  But now drivers report that panhandlers are wiping the windshields of their car without permission, and then demanding money.

A midtown resident said she hadn’t seen the squeegee men in 20 years, but one guy showed up at Dyer Avenue and West 36th Street two weeks ago.

 “He looked like he learned how to do it way back in the day.  He just picked up his bucket and went back to work,” she said.

One squeegee man stationed near the Queensboro Bridge said this is a better way to earn a living than selling drugs.

“We’re not doing no harm to your car, no bodily harm. Just trying to get a dollar, 50 cents, a quarter — whatever you can spare," he said.


Source:  New York Post

Photo Credit:  Getty Images