(Ben Yakas) Like the old saying goes, you cat nap you lose: the adorable kittens who brought subway service to a standstill in Brooklyn for several hours last month after they were spotted frolicking on the train tracks have officially been adopted by a married couple in Brooklyn. And you'll never guess which mayoral candidate the couple is supporting (hint: not the one who is able to justify cat-murder).

Hundreds of people applied to adopt 11-week-old kittens August and Arthur, but Katherine and Keith Lubely were the ones who lucked out. "We don't really know what made us stand out, since the application didn't exactly have an essay question," they told Daily Intel. "Maybe our desire to help rescue animals came through in the few words we were allotted to describe our interest in these guys. That and the fact that we've each been cat owners in the past, live in a relatively quiet place, and don't have kids or other pets."

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Photo: Onishchenko Natalya/Shutterstock