New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer says more than half of the 500 contracts with organizations that will provide pre-k have not been submitted to his office for review yet. 

Only 141 contracts have been handed over with just one week to go before school starts, meaning that safety checks haven’t been done on more than 300 others.

“We cannot sacrifice safety for anything,” Stringer told the New York Times.

He said the mayor’s office has been slow in delivering the contracts, despite repeated requests for the documents.  Stringer and his staff even met with the mayor and his aides yesterday.

“It became clear to me that we were not going to get these contracts anytime soon,” Stringer said.

De Blasio’s office promised that the comptroller will have the documents in a timely way.  But the mayor added that the city is moving forward aggressively to launch the programs and administrative paperwork wouldn’t stand in the way.


Source:  New York Times

Photo Credit:  Getty Images