(Christopher Robbins) The Brooklyn DA's office is currently reviewing 50 murder convictions involving retired NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella, who helped wrongfully convict a recently released man who served 23 years for a murder he didn't commit. Previously the DA's office said they had "ruled out" reviewing Scarcella's cases, but the Times seems to have forced their hand after plunging into Scarcella's shocking recordand finding that the detective used the same crack addict as a witness for at least six different murders.

Teresa Gomez died in a hit and run incident several years ago, but in the late '80s she was a drug addicted prostitute who lawyers called "Louie's go-to witness." She once told Scarcella that she witnessed a fatal shooting through a keyhole, but an investigation later showed no keyhole existed. Her testimony was often incoherent and contradictory, and, as one prosecutor would later write, “It was near folly to even think that anyone would believe Gomez about anything."

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