During a fundraising trip to New York City, President Obama stopped at a Gap store in midtown Manhattan to push for an increase in the federal minimum wage. 

Gap was chosen because it recently raised wages for its workers.

"This is going to mean for thousdands of folks who work at Gap stores all across the country a little more income, a little more money in their pockets," President Obama said.

The president has proposed increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.  That has been met with resistance from some Republicans, who argue the increase could lead to job cuts.

While at the store, President Obama also made sure to pick up some clothes for his wife and two daughters.

"It never hurts to bring something back when you've been on a road trip.  You get points when you go home," Obama said.

He bought sweaters for his daughters and athletic clothing for the First Lady.


Photo Credit: Getty Images