(Lauren Evans) As the comparisons between Bill de Blasio and Barack Obama continue to roll in (both have "B's" in their names, both have faces, etc.) it seems only fitting that the President today endorsed his ideological soulmate for mayor.

Unlike his somewhat vague endorsement for Bill Thompson in 2009, Obama was unambiguous in his support for de Blasio, releasing the following statement:

"Progressive change is the centerpiece of Bill de Blasio's vision for New York City, and it's why he will be a great mayor of America's largest city. Whether it’s ensuring pre-kindergarten is available for every four-year old, expanding after-school programs for every middle school student who wants and needs them, making affordable housing available for more New York families and preserving community hospitals, Bill's agenda for New York is marked by bold, courageous ideas that address the great challenges of our time."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images