The New York City Police Department is shifting 300 officers to a new unit that will go after electronics and identity thieves.

The Wall Street Journal says the unit will focus on thieves who steal smartphones, computer tablets and the financial resources of people.

Identity theft or the loss of a phone "whether rich or poor, the inconvenience in your life, the disruption in your life, is something that increasingly local policing must engage in," Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

Grand larcenies now account for 40 percent of all crimes in the city.  A crime is considered grand larceny when an item worth at least $1,000 is stolen.

A large concern for the NYPD is individuals who enter the city, use phony debit cards to take money from ATMs, and then leave the city.

It's unclear where the additional 300 officers would be pulled from.  The NYPD is expected to unveil further details about the plan in the coming days.


Source:  Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit: Getty Images