If you're flying in or out of New York's three major airports, there's a decent chance it won't be on time.

The Department of Transportation said Newark, La Guardia and JFK Airports all ranked near the bottom of the nation's airports when it comes to on-time arrivals.

Newark was dead last of the 29 major airports studied, with only 70 percent of flights arriving on-time.  La Guardia was second to last with a 72 percent on-time arrival rate.  JFK ranked 25th in the country, with 75 percent of flights landing on-time.

Traveler Elan Prah told the New York Post, "I've used all three airports and this is the worst."

The airports did only slightly better with takeoffs.

Newark was ranked 26th, JFK was 20th and La Guardia was the 17th best airport in the country when it came to on-time departures.

Source:  New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images