(Jen Chung) Multiple people were stabbed this morning shortly before 8 a.m. in Riverside Park, near Riverside Park South and West 63rd Street. According to a preliminary report, one of the victims was a two-year-old child. An FDNY spokesman tells us five people were stabbed, and two victims in their 30s were rushed to St. Luke's Hospital in serious condition.

Update 9:23 p.m.: An NYPD spokesman says there are four victims in total, not five. Three victims were slashed and are being treated for non-life threatening injuries, including the young male child. One female victim in her 30s was stabbed and is in serious condition. The spokesman said a male EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person) is currently in custody.

Construction worker Carlos Ferrer says he eats breakfast by that part of the park every morning by 62nd and Riverside Boulevard. He told us he saw a black man wearing a black sweatshirt in a scuffle with people down at park level near the river. At first he thought it was a dog fighting the man, but then realized it was what appeared to be adults protecting a child from a man with "a sharp object in his hand."

Shortly after the attack, another construction worker told a dog walker that a homeless man took a pair of scissors apart and was stabbing people with one half of the scissor in each hand. The suspect is reportedly under arrest.

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Photo: carl ballou/Shutterstock