(Jen Chung) A week after the deadly train derailment at a sharp Bronx curve, the MTA has made improvements for the Metro-North trains that run on that track. MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast said, "Metro-North is taking important steps to improve safety for its customers and employees, and I expect the railroad will continue searching for ways to improve its operations and fully restore its commuters' confidence."

According to the MTA, "Signal crews have installed new protections at the Spuyten Duyvil curve, the site of last week's fatal derailment, which will warn train engineers of the approaching speed reduction and will automatically apply the train's emergency brakes if speed is not lowered to the 30 mph maximum in the curve. The signal improvement at Spuyten Duyvil was done simultaneously and in coordination with work to restore track, power and signal systems there after the derailment. Those protections will be operating on all trains by Monday morning."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Handout