It turns out, if you want Ketchup with your fries, you're going to have to pay up. According to DNAinfo New York, a number of McDonald’s restaurants in Manhattan are charging customers for extra ketchup packets.

A DNAinfo New York reporter visited a number of McDonald’s restaurants in Manhattan, finding 15 of them that were charging extra. However, it seems that no other boroughs outside of Manhattan are doing this.

According to the manager of an East Village McDonald’s, the new charge is to "control condiment cost." At this specific East Village McDonald’s, customers get anywhere from one to four ketchup packets with their meal and can pay an extra 25 cents for another handful of ketchup packets.

Interestingly, the 15 restaurants found to be charging extra were all south of 14th street. DNAinfo New York notes that the 300 McDonald’s franchises in NYC are run by private owners and they are allowed to charge extra for condiments if they wish.

Would you have a problem paying extra for more ketchup?

Photo Credit: Getty Images