(Christopher Robbins) In March, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told City Council members that the number of marijuana arrests made in New York City are "going down." Today the Post has numbers backing up Kelly's assertion: arrests for marijuana possession are on track to fall by 20% in 2013, and police say that overall enforcement of marijuana laws are taking a back seat to drugs that can actually kill you. “When we have intel on pretty big marijuana cases, we’re being pushed away,” a source tells the tabloid. “It’s, ‘Let’s just focus on pills and cocaine.’ "

According to the The Post's data, which comes from the State Division of Criminal Justice Services, 10,078 people have been arrested for marijuana possession in the city this year through April 23—around a 20% decrease from last year. 2012 saw a 22% decrease from 2011.

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Photo: Peter Kim/Shutterstock