The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program is facing its first lawsuit since a federal court ruling against the controversial practice. The New York Daily News reports that a legally blind black man from Queens is suing the city after he was arrested three years ago in Harlem on what he says were bogus charges.

54-year-old Allen Moye claims that the NYPD racially profiled him as he waited on a street corner for a friend. According to the NY Daily News, Moye's lawsuit specifically mentions Judge Shira Scheindlin's recent NYPD ruling.

Moye claims that he was arrested after he complained about the officers' search, saying police "snatched his identification from him," "spoke rudely to him," and said "they didn't care about the Fourth Amendment."

Moye also claims that the NYPD "intentionally conspired to fabricate evidence against him, including omitting and manipulating evidence ... fabricating evidence and concealing exculpatory evidence.”

The NY Daily News reports that all counts related to credit card forgery charges were later dismissed.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Spencer Platt