(Lauren Evans) Snowy owls have joined the sad fraternity of winged creatures that the Port Authority has deemed unwelcome at JFK, with officials having killed three of them over the weekend with a shotgun.

The trouble for the owls began after one, having taken up residence atop a taxiway sign on the runway, got sucked into an airplane turbine, according to the Daily News. We learned after the Great Geese incident of 2009 that if there's one thing aviation officials don't like, its wildlife entangling itself with flight operations.

As such, the snowy owls have joined Canada geese, mute swan, red-winged blackbirds, European starlings, crows, rock pigeons and double-breasted cormorants on the list of volant creatures unwelcome on airport property. Unlike crows and pigeons, though, snowy owls are adorable, and their murder has raised the ire of animal lovers who would rather see them trapped and relocated, rather than shot.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/PATRIK STOLLARZ